The mighty window AC

Sometimes I just have to laugh at my roommate.

He means extremely well and he is trying very hard to learn how to “adult” like the rest of us.

But at the end of the day, he is lacking a few steps behind. It was extremely clear that this was the case when we moved into our new apartment and started having problems with the indoor air quality and air temperature control. It turns out, our apartment does not have the greatest central air conditioning system. In fact, the AC unit will not make the indoor air any cooler than 74 degrees. For a bunch of Northerners living in the South, this moderate indoor air was absolutely not working for us. We decided to get some AC window units so that we could sleep better in our hot and humid bedrooms. My roommate went out to the store and purchased a brand new, supposedly powerful window AC unit. He spent over $250 for this wi-fi controllable air conditioning system that honestly does not produce much cool air whatsoever. Meanwhile, I found a used window AC unit online and spent $60. When I installed my small cooling unit, I immediately realized that the air conditioning unit was more effective than his. Within a matter of minutes, my room is ice cold when I operate my window AC unit. I actually get too cold at night and regularly have to turn the cooling system off! Not only is the AC unit very small and powerful, but it costs a lot less to operate. I haven’t rubbed it in his face, but our approaches to this air quality problem obviously had two very different outcomes. Sometimes less is more.


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