The van will not cool off

I am sitting in the van trying to cool off for a little bit in between ball games this weekend, plus for some reason the van air conditioner simply will not do its job. The temperature this weekend is really hot. I believe that the temperature is really around 98 degrees, so it is pretty brutal for the players who are out on the diamond. I assume sorry for them because at least most of the time, the fans are out in the shade. The team sat out there for fourths on end, though, so by the last game I was perspiring through my clothes. That’s when I decided to split to go lay out in the van so that I could turn the air conditioner on for a while plus cool off. I mean, I was feeling a little bit guilty because my youngest child was still out there in the burning tepid sunshine while I was sitting in front of the air conditioner vents, however I didn’t assume too bad! The longer I sat in the van, though, the more I realized that the air conditioner didn’t really seem to be working too well anyway. I don’t guess if it was because every one of us had parked the van directly in the sunshine or what, but the van just isn’t cooling down like I believe it should be. I’m still tepid plus tepid even though the air conditioner in the van is running full blast. I hope that the air conditioner doesn’t need recharging because I just don’t have the dough to get that done right now.

ductless multi split