There wasn’t an a/c unit to repair.

When the dispatcher provided myself and others an address last week, I put it into our GPS and headed out.

It was summer, so I already knew there was a problem with the a/c.

I just wasn’t sure what that problem was. The message the dispatcher provided myself and others was pretty vague, however it made myself and others think they didn’t have a/c! Little did I think that they not only didn’t have a/c, however they didn’t have an a/c unit. The owner said he got up that morning, and the a/c wasn’t running. He went outside to see if he could find the date the Heating and A/C supplier installed the AC unit,, however it wasn’t there. Someone had detachd the a/c unit while they were sleeping. I had never heard of such nonsense, and I asked if anyone else had a problem with missing a/c units? He said he didn’t think of anyone, although he worked such different minutes, he seldom heard anything from them. The first thing I told him to do was call the police and report the a/c unit stolen. The next thing every one of us had to do was discuss if he wanted a new a/c unit, or if he wanted to wait for this a single to be updated? He said the AC unit was at least ten years old, and he thought it would be best to order a new a/c unit. He wasn’t sure the thieves were going to return the outdated a single, and if they did, it may not be in a condition to be repaired.

a/c worker