They didn't respect the fact that I was working.

Working out in a hot, sunny yard and the humidity surrounding you like a wet blanket can be very difficult.

That is my work conditions when working on an air conditioning unit.

You can’t sit down and relax in the shade because you want out of the heat, because you’re there to give the homeowner the comfort they need. The HVAC technician’s job is to be outside regardless of the weather, when someone is lacking, or without air conditioning. Most of the time, the homeowner is respectful and will let you do your work, but last week, that was not the case. I was working on the air conditioning. The temperature was 103 in the shade, and the humidity made it feel at least ten degrees hotter. All I wanted to do was get the air conditioning unit working again, and get into my service van and enjoy the air conditioning. A couple times I headed there, under the ruse of calling the HVAC company. The AC unit repair was nearly complete when I felt something hit my head. It hit hard enough that I could feel it jar my neck. I turned around, ready to yell at whoever did it, and found out it was the homeowner playing kickball with his kids. Most people respected the HVAC technician and gave them room to work, but not this one. He looked pleased with the fact that the ball was kicked at me and not away from me. When I got back to the HVAC company, I told them about the hit in the head with the kickball. The owner told me to get x-rays and they would add the cost of the doctor’s appointment to the HVAC repair bill.

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