They showed me where the heating system was set up

Many employees have to work on the weekends.

  • My fellow HVAC experts and I do the same throughout the year.

On the days I have to work on Saturday and Sunday, it’s not that bad. I’d rather be at home or doing other things, but we each have to take a turn. The other day it was my turn to work on the weekend. First on my list of repairs was a Heating and AC tune up. I finished it in less than 40 minutes and left. I went to get some coffee on my way to the next place. The following repair on the schedule was only 12 miles away from the other place. I barely had time to enjoy my coffee before my GPS alerted me that I had arrived at the next HVAC repair. The people waiting for me shut the front door, even though they had it wide open when I pulled up. I rang the bell and they demanded I show identification before they’d let me come inside. I had to tell them that they contacted me, not the other way around. They opened the door and let me inside the house. One of them took me to and others where the unit was situated. I was forced to squeeze through piles and piles of garbage to get to the part where they set up the HVAC. I didn’t want to work on a weekend when I could be relaxing, but all the HVAC experts at my workplace have to do it. The good news is we like what we do.

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