Trying to adjust to Winter time and all that Heating and Air Conditioning heating

It’s July and I wish it would just stay that way.

The central a/c is on and all is right with the world.

While it’s not as hot here in the summer time as it is where I came from, the a/c is cooling comfort for sure. But the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling might be more than just cooling comfort and more of just a comfort of home. Moving from the south to the north has not been anything close to what I had expected. For sure, I knew things were going to be different. Yet, the opportunity to run a regional office on my own was too much to turn down over a change in scenery. And that’s what I initially thought about the whole move. I was simply going to another area of the country for a five year commitment to further my work. After that was complete, I’d be back down south and in the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning of the corporate offices. While all of that is still true, I’m not so sure I can do another 4 winters after the 1 I just got myself through. The change in weather conditions is for sure the biggest challenge and 1 I’m not doing to well in overcoming. The gas furnace in my current locale seemed to run non stop this past Winter time as I just couldn’t ever get warm. The high cost of all that Heating and Air Conditioning heating wasn’t such a pleasant thing either. This year, I have a friend who said they’ll help myself and others with Winter time prep to help seal up the house and reduce the cost of all that Heating and Air Conditioning heating.


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