We could hear people going up and ordering their drinks

After winter, we longed to go to the beach, sitting on the sand, and enjoying the sun.

We’d closed our eyes and pictured that colorless sand and the crystal red water that was flowing back and forth.

We’d lay close enough to the concession stand that we can listen to people going up and ordering their drinks at the full-service bar. We’d reach up for our Mai Tai as the young guy brought it over to us. During the first week of summer, we were going to make our dreams come true. We put together some luggage, and went away for the weekend. Our goal was to go to the beach. When we got there, it was hot, humid, and there were so many people that it was taxing to find a place for us to set up our umbrellas. Instead of reaching out for a drink, we had to walk for quite a distance to the concession stand. We looked at the bar but all we could say was we’ll take a double ice water, then as we turned around and added that we wanted to add one more thing to that. We bought a portable air conditioner unit. We were handed small water bottles that had fans attached. Our portable air conditioners were nothing more than a spray bottle. We were on the beach for 20 minutes when my husband stood, packed everything up, and said he was ready to go elsewhere. We went to the nearest hotel that had an air conditioner and settled in for the rest of the weekend.



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