We had a maintenance tune-up for a heat pump and AC

Everyone has to sometimes go to work on the weekends.

It’s the same at our workplace.

When it is our turn to work on the weekend, we try not to complain. We don’t enjoy working on the weekends, but all of us have to take a turn. Last month it was our turn to work on the weekend. Our first appointment was a maintenance tune up for a heat pump and AC. That job took 45 minutes to complete. We grabbed a cup of tea when we were finished with that work. The next appointment on the schedule was only 10 miles away from the other place. We barely had time to sip our hot tea before we were pulling into the driveway of the next Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair. The ladies waiting for us closed the front door, even though they had it wide open when pulled up their driveway. We knocked on the door and the ladies made us show identification before they would let us come inside. We reminded them that they called us and not the other way around. After the ladies finally let us into the beach house, they directed us to where the oil furnace was located. We had to climb through piles and piles of garbage to get to the section where the oil furnace was set up. We didn’t want to do tasks that weekend and we didn’t appreciate the problems we faced. But, we have to work every once in a while just like the rest of the crew. Lucky for us we like what we do.


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