We used to have a small space heater in the barn

We have this barn where we store all our farming equipment.

The barn is sheltered on three sides and the front is open.

During the winter months, the walls help protect the farming tools and machines from frigid temperatures and snow and ice. At one time we had a small heating system there, but it’s since stopped working. The heating system would have been handy last weekend when we experienced the worst snow storm in a long time. We were shocked and surprised that this caused everything in the barn to freeze. We were intending to take the farming machines out to plow the field. But, the tractor was completely frozen. We said something funny about the frozen equipment, but also felt quite annoyed that this had happened. We went inside of the house and came out with another heating system. We went back out to the barn and jammed it into the wall. We ran an extension cord from the wall all the way to the area where the tractor was standing. We had to cover the tractor with a wool blanket and set the heating system under it. About 2 hours later, the entire garage and the tractor were good to go. We saw it fit to keep the heating system in the barn and use it from time to time when the temperatures are below frigid during snowstorms and blizzards. Using this smaller house heating system in the barn was a splendid idea.



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