What my friend life is like

Back when we were in undergraduate school, my best buddy and I used to talk about moving to a big city when we got older.

  • I wanted to attend graduate school and head out west while my buddy had set her sights on the Windy City.

But after working up in IL for a few years, she was sick of the constant chilly weather. I don’t blame her, because I lived up in the northern midwest years ago when I was a young child. The weather was unbearably chilly for at least 6 months out of the year. My buddy didn’t care if she was making money or not because it was simply too much for her with the sheer claustrophobia being in a metro neighborhood combined with the frigid winters and fall. After she paid her dues and worked in their Chicago office for a number of years, she moved across the country to be in a warmer temperature. She chose a retirement home so she could set up shop as an estate and family law attorney and rake in simple money from the senior citizens in the area. While she does have to go to court every now plus then, a lot of her work is much more mild than that. She fills out a lot of paperwork and writes a large number of briefs, while spending a good portion of her time in consultations with buyers, both modern and long standing. I’m entirely proud of my lawyer buddy and her highly-rated legal services. If I ever moved to her area, I would undoubtedly utilize him and her services.

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