Why do hospitals have the coldest air conditioning system

My grandmother recently had such a terrible spat of pneumonia that she had to be hospitalized for a few weeks in order to be treated properly and recover.

During that time, I had been visiting her every other day since I happen to work quite close to the hospital.

One of the things I hated the most about visiting her is that the hospital air conditioning system is unbearably frigid. It’s a good thing that it was not overly humid there as well, otherwise my grandmother ‘s pneumonia would have goten worse! My grandma hated it and asked the doctor every single day to turn up the temperature at least a few digits. He always replied with no, because the a/c has to be set at a particular temperature for the entire hospital, so he wouldn’t be changing it for her personally, even if he could. I don’t see any problem with having custom temperatures in each patient’s room to suit their own specific needs. They should also implement smart temperature controls, so that the patients can adjust the temperature to their liking without having to get up, since many of the patients are immobile. Since we couldn’t change the temperature, I brought my grandma extra blankets so that she would be as comfortable as possible in that frigid air. I was so glad when she became healthy enough to return home, because she finally was able to be in her own house with her own preferred temperature setting.

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