Why do hospitals have the coldest air conditioning

My grandma has been to the hospital many times in the past month and a half.

  • It’s been pretty hard, because the doctors aren’t actually sure what ails her, and I think the whole process has been trying on her mind, body, and heart.

I have been going to see her quite often, since my job is nearby. One of the things I don’t like about going to see her is that the hospital air conditioning is frigid. It reminded me of the very similarly cold air conditioning I felt when my grandfather was dying in the hospital. My grandma hates it as well, and asks the nurse everyday to turn up the thermostat. They regularly tell her no because the a/c has to be set at a certain temperature for the entire hospital, and it is impossible to change the thermostat in each individual room. I feel that each room should have its own thermostat, because people with multiple conditions may require different external temperatures to help their bodies reach homeostasis again. Perhaps it would be a good idea to implement smart thermostats so that the patients can request an adjustment of the temperature to suit their personal needs. Since we can’t change the thermostat temperature, I’m sure to bring my grandma extra blankets that she has knit over the years so that she can rest cozily and comfortably. I truly hope that they find the cause of her condition soon, because she is quite stressed staying at the hospital for so long.

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