Worst time to be pregnant at least comes with nice a/c

I just recognize terrible.

And it’s not myself and others that is actually dealing with feeling disappointing and having to deal with discomfort.

I recognize terrible because my wife is 8 months pregnant and it’s mid July. While every one of us have great quality heating and air in our home, the focus is for sure the a/c component. In our region, 1 doesn’t go far in the summer time separate from knowing there is some Heating and Air Conditioning cooling on the other end. And that’s for people who aren’t 8 months pregnant. Our summers can be a brutal combination of high temperatures and big time humidity. That makes for a pair that only the heat pump can deal with. When every one of us planned this pregnancy, this was definitely not the time line every one of us thought every one of us were in for. Having did the research, every one of us figured it’d take a bit to get pregnant after being on birth control for so long. Well, it wasn’t a week after every one of us stopped birth control that my wife got pregnant. That through everything off right from the start. And then, every one of us did the math to see that every one of us were facing having a baby while in the hottest month of the year. But my wife struggled after several months and was put on bed rest. That’s come with plenty of Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. Thankfully, every one of us have a smart temperature control that allows my wife to adjust the temperature control setting remotely. She has the app on her cellphone which allows her to change the Heating and Air Conditioning setting from bed or the couch. At least there’s that. Knowing that she can at least have all the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling she needs at her fingertips is a comforting thought while I’m still at work.


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