Zion has been working as an HVAC expert for 2 decades

Zion has lived a life that can only be described as miraculous.

He was born a month premature and had to spend 4 weeks in an incubator.

At some point, the doctors worried he wouldn’t pull through. But he did, and his parents were so joyful. When he was 6 months old, Zion was bit by a dog that strayed into their home and almost didn’t make it. The bites resulted in severe infections that meant he had to stay for 4 months in the hospital. He pulled through and grew up to be a healthy young man. After high school, Zion had an opportunity to train as an HVAC expert under the mentorship of one of the city’s best HVAC professionals and business owners. His parents weren’t so sure about a career in the HVAC industry, but they knew all about the successful businessman. He came to speak at Zion’s school, and the young lad approached him about mentorship. He would enroll in HVAC school for his HVAC technician certification and work part-time for the HVAC company. There, under the mentorship of the HVAC professional, Zion got to learn all about the HVAC industry. It’s now 2 decades later, and Zion is head of the HVAC company. None of his boss’s kids was interested in the business, so he left Zion in charge after retiring. Zion is so thankful for the bold decision he made to approach the HVAC professional back then. His ‘can-do attitude made his life better.
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