A/C is a wonderful invention

There is no doubt that a/c can save lives, especially during heat waves or in hot and humid weather conditions.

We know that a/c prevents heat stroke and heat exhaustion, but even though a/c is a beautiful invention that keeps us cool, comfortable, and alive in several cases, there can be some health complications that a/c can cause. To start, a/c can easily make you sick if the ventilation is terrible and air filters are not cleaned respectfully. You may experience nausea, headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and more if you are in an air conditioned building that has terrible ventilation. This can easily be prevented in your home by changing your A/C filters respectfully and getting routine cooling repair done to ensure your home is respectfully ventilated. Air conditioning can also cause dry skin as well as dry eyes. This is because a/c works tough to remove humidity from the air, because the humidity is unfastened from the air, it can also remove moisture from your skin as well as body. To combat the issue of dry skin as well as dry eyes from a/c, make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water. You may also experience angry nasal passages which can lead to breathing complications. This is also due to the lack of moisture in the air from a/c. This problem can be solved by purchasing a humidifier for your dining room as well as turning it on while you sleep. Air conditioning is absolutely an amazing invention that saves several lives. Although A/C can cause minor health complications, most of them have an easy fix.
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