A cozy fireplace

Looking for a home to live in was 1 of the biggest experiences of our life; Coupled with the excitement of finally having our own home, I was also excited about checking 1 of the top items on our bucket list off. I knew I wanted to live in as large a home as I could afford. I knew I wanted a large yard so I could let our future pets run around to their heart’s content. And I also knew that I wanted a fireplace. Nothing shows cozy like a fireplace in your house. They’re a center of attention and a gathering venue for all things, like reading a book, enjoying a dinner, or just cuddling up with a significant other sipping warm cocoa. When I first saw the home I would eventually buy, 1 of the first things I noticed was the large black fireplace tucked underneath this large brick column that ran from the basement all the way up to the roof. It was a gas fireplace, not 1 to venue wood in. Although there was a wood burning stove in the basement. The entire first year I never used the fireplace because there was a hardcore gas smell that would take over the entire home whenever I turned it on. I knew instantly that I needed to have a serviceman come by and check it out. I had a maintenance repair come out to service it but the company said the fireplace just needed cleaning. I’m so excited I could find a local repair that could help restore our apartment comfort. Not to mention the fireplace was much more effective at heating the entire space than our furnace.


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