Additional benefits cooling units have to offer

Most families keep a medicine cabinet in their new home that contains the staples: pain killers, anti nausea medicine, heartburn medicine, cough syrups, and more, it is fantastic to have these medications on hand at all times just in case you get sick or do not feel well at home.

It is not fun to have to run to the store when you are not feeling well to grab medications.

It is essential to take care of your medicine cabinet by checking expiration dates and checking the temperature range for medications, and most medications should be stored anywhere from 59-72 degrees. Medications should be stored in a cool, dry site. It is essential that you run your air conditioner in the warm season so medications do not get too hot. If you have liquid gel capsules in your medicine cabinet and your new home is too hot, they can actually melt and form a giant blob which would be a complete waste of medication. In addition to the chance of medication melting, it will lose its effectiveness if it is not stored properly. To prevent medications from going bad, make sure to keep your thermostat no higher than 72 degrees in the warm season. To save money, you can purchase a smart thermostat and you can set the rapidly increasing temperatures to auto when you are out of the home at work during the day. In the winter, you will also want to make sure your home is not too cold, so keep your heat in the same temperature range to protect your medications, both air conditioner and heat protect more than people!