Addressing hot outdoor temperatures with a cold air conditioner

All of my cats are all sleepy now from a day of playing around plus I am on the sofa doing a little great before going to the beach.

I have our temperature control idea keeping us all cool while the two of us dream about clouds plus better mornings.

I miss playing tunes with our bandmate as he is now away on trip but he will return in a month plus the two of us will start again. I went to the local company yesterday to get some guitar strings plus saw this cajon drum for sale that I just had to buy. Now I have more than 2 drums, more than 2 guitars, plus a lot of time to learn them all. I am more of a drummer at heart although I am going to push myself to learn the guitar as well. It’s also too hot out right now to be out on the beach so I am chilling out with our cooling system keeping me cool while I guess about where I am headed in our life. I just want to be a tunesian who plays in local clubs with our bandmate so I need to absolutely focus on practicing plus it will come to fruition. My bandmate is an actual heating plus A/C tech who I met while absolutely working at the heating plus A/C supplier a few years ago. The two of us finally became nice friends plus now the two of us both play together when the two of us can, usually on the streets as most of the clubs are closed during the week. A lot of them are on holiday for the summertime, however there are a few local corporations that are open plus want us to play there as well.


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