Air Conditioners woes and long road trips.

Gas has gotten so expensive over the past year. I wish I knew what caused gas prices to fluctuate so much because I’m sure it’s more complex than just supply and demand. I’m sure almost every natural resource’s price is dictated by much more than what most people can fathom. When I first started driving in the early two thousands gas was about one dollar fifty cents. I never thought to myself that I couldn’t go somewhere because the price of gas was too high. Nowadays it is almost 5 dollars, and this affects almost everything. From monthly electric bills to how far I’m willing to travel in my car to overall quality of life in general. I remember seeing people get into fights at the gas station that one year there were shortages. Automobiles use much more gas when the air conditioner is running, which is why I choose to drive at the speed limit during the summer. It gets so hot at times I wonder if my air conditioner is even working properly. Almost every time I’m in my car for an extended period of time I get anxious about the air conditioner breaking down more than the engine. And my car is relatively new. I make sure I keep the air filter clean by replacing it every time I get an oil change. I’ve already located an air conditioning service not too far from where I live and plan on stopping by if I ever need maintenance. Hopefully I can heed the warnings before I really need some type of a/c repairs.