Air quality at the gym

I go to the gym religiously, at least five times a week.

I’m getting into my upper thirties now so I’ve been more motivated than ever to take care of myself.

Especially after the past two years of this pandemic taking people’s loved ones too soon. I sponsor the idea that we all should put in the effort to be mindful of our physical and mental health. As the saying goes and ounce of preparation is a pound of cure. When I walk into the gym one of the first things I notice is the ambient smell and temperature. My gym must have a really good HVAC system because the air always smells fresh and it’s always a degree just above being too chilly. As I’m running or walking on the treadmill I always look up at how massive the air ducts are and wonder how their air filtration system works because everyone in there is sweating the pounds away. I’m sure they must have access to the newest HVAC technology because the indoor air quality is so amazing. I’d hire whoever takes care of their indoor air quality to take care of my home too. There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh air, no matter where you are. I think a lot of people take that for granted. Maybe they take it for granted much less now than before everyone was so conscious of the air around them. I hope every home built from now on into the future, special attention is paid to the HEPA filters and indoor air quality treatment because that’s as important as the front door these days.


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