Consider yourself lucky.

My sister brought home a sofa she had found at a yard sale.

The sofa still had the original red horsehair, which she told me she was going to have removed as soon as she got the sofa home.

I thought the red horsehair was beautiful, but she was right when she told me ‌it was also very prickly, and she wouldn’t want to sit there for very long. When she talked to the upholsterer, he quoted her a price for post-ring that was more than she would pay to purchase a new sofa. I laughed at her and told her that if she had waited, I would’ve taken the sofa. Instead, she took the sofa outside and removed everything from the wooden frame. When I got to the house, I saw the mess she had her backyard, and she was in the shower. I didn’t look too closely at what she had ripped off the sofa frame, because I showed up to talk to her and not see the sofa. She was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, and muttering about the mess she had found. I reminded her that if I saw the sofa first, I would’ve bought it. She gave me an odd look and told me I should consider myself lucky that I hadn’t seen the sofa first and bought it. When she started removing the upholstery and all the stuffing, she found there was an infestation of bedbugs in the upholstery.. She was so glad she hadn’t taken the sofa into the house yet, but she was burning the clothing she had on when she removed the upholstery.

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