Doing my own heat and a/c repairs

I know that it is the advice that everybody tells you not to do.

Everyone I have ever known has always told me do not try to repair your own heating and air conditioning system but I figured that I have worked with heating and AC systems before and so I think that I’d be able to figure it out.

Looking back, this was a mistake because I ended up damaging my heating and air conditioning system but at the time it seemed like a good idea. I had watched a couple of tutorials online and my experience working with heating and AC units was one experience where I repaired a friend’s window air conditioner. Apart from that, I was not a heating AC professional by any means. Still, I took all the knowledge that I had and attempted to correct my failing to turn on the air conditioning system. I must have messed up something pretty badly because I got an electric shock and on top of that now I couldn’t get my AC system to even attempt to run. I knew I must have messed up pretty badly and now it’s going to be stuck with the cost of repairing it. With reluctance, I scheduled an appointment with my local heating AC business and they had a heating and cooling repair worker come out and start the repair process. The heat and air conditioning technician scolded me about trying to repair it myself, and I owned up to my mistake. I didn’t realize how dangerous it was so I’ve decided for now I’m just going to leave my heating and AC repairs to the professionals.



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