Ductwork was completely ruined

I always loved going and exploring abandoned homes and ghost towns.

I have always found it fascinating and eerie at the same time.

There is just something about a home that stands alone that draws me in. A friend of mine, who loves urban exploring like I do, told me that there was actually a small abandoned town nearby that somehow we had never noticed. Ofcourse, I was intrigued. We decided to go the next day and start exploring around. This gave my friend time to do research about what caused the town to become abandoned to begin with. Apparently it was due to really bad weather completely destroying most of the homes and buildings. We went and looked at the few remaining homes and buildings. It wasn’t hard to get inside of them either, since most of the doors were broken. Inside of one home, the second story had collapsed onto the first. I noticed that the ductwork had actually fallen through and was almost touching the floor. The HVAC technician in me cringed slightly at seeing that. I knew that when your HVAC ductwork is completely ruined like that, it is incredibly costly to repair. I actually managed to find the central air conditioner of this home as well. This told me that this was not very old at all, and yet was already abandoned, which kind of gave me sad vibes. I knew if it had air conditioning that it was more modern, because a lot of homes didn’t. My friend and I had a great time exploring that old town.

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