Fluctuating energy bills in desperate times.

Being an adult is terribly hard and absolutely frustrating at times.

Especially around that bill paying time of the month. I feel like I work all of my waking hours away just so I can survive till next month, just so I can do it all over again. Although everyday is pretty much the same routine, one thing that always seems to catch me off guard and is entirely unpredictable is the price of my energy bill. Somehow every summer my utilities ride the rollercoaster of completely arbitrary rates of Kilowatt per hour and usage that doesn’t ever seem to match up with the time I actually spend at home. My building uses a gas furnace for winter and hot water is included in the rent so that doesn’t trouble me much, but during the summer I’m responsible for my electric bill and I use my air conditioner as sparingly as possible. I use an energy efficient Air Conditioner which has smart wireless capabilities, so I turn it on right before I get home or keep it running from time to time for my cat. But there’s got to be some kind of air leak somewhere in my apartment because it takes forever to get cold and doesn’t seem to stay cold for more than a few minutes after I turn the Air Conditioner off. I’ve been asking my Landlord to have a cooling expert come check out where the leak is to no avail. I really think an HVAC expert could at least shed some light on energy saving tips which I desperately need. I’m patiently waiting for the fall to arrive.
Heat pump installation