Found a deal on an air conditioner

I easily enjoy thrifting and shopping at garage sales.

I remember being driven around town, sometimes across state lines, by our old uncle Bob because he had heard about some hot item or sale happening from 1 of her multiple friends or coworkers who also enjoyed thrifting.

Occasionally she’d wake myself and others up in the wee hours of the morning so every one of us could get there first, and not miss out on the best items. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that a lot of these items could be bought for cheap and sold for much higher, especially with the invention of the internet. On 1 such expedition, I found a quality cooling system for sale, and it was relatively new. I asked the property owner of the garage sale to plug it up for myself and others to make sure that it worked respectfully. When she did, this AC pumped out the coldest air I had ever felt. This was an older cooling system but it worked like it was brand new. Bob said he had purchased it for his child the year she went to university but she wasn’t coming back home and she was moving into a smaller apartment since she didn’t want to go up and down the stairs anymore. I sold the cooling system unit within a couple of weeks after I cleaned it up a bit. The lady I sold it to asked me if I could install it for her which was an easy enough task. She paid me 20 dollars for the replacement which made me even happier. From that day onwards, I too, became a large fan of thrifting.

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