Have you tried HEPA filters yet?

Have you ever tried a HEPA filter before? If you haven’t you really shouldn’t even if you aren’t having any issues with your indoor air quality.

The reason is just because of how good they are for your heating and cooling system.

A HEPA filter is specifically designed to catch the tiniest bits of dirt and debris that would otherwise get into your Air and could cause problems like allergies. It does this tightly woven fibers that are able to catch even the tiniest pieces of microbes and bacteria. I would highly recommend giving HEPA filters a try, they are inexpensive, regularly available, and they do wonders for your home. I was reluctant to use HEPA filters at first because I didn’t think that I would ever need them, why I want to spend extra money on something that I knew I wouldn’t need? But it was a friend of mine who convinced me that I really should give him a try because of how great they are. She gave me one she had gotten for free from her local heating and cooling company and I installed it on my HVAC system myself. Even though I have never had any kind of issues with my heating and cooling system before, I noticed the difference in how my home felt after installing the HEPA filter. It really did feel cleaner. I plan to continue to use it. It has been working great for me and I couldn’t imagine going back to using a regular disposable filter now.


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