He really doesn’t have those skills

When my boyfriend told me he was going to do online marketing, I thought he had hired an online marketing business.

I was telling him how glad I was that he had made this decision to hire an online marketing corporation when I saw the blank look on his face.

He asked why I thought I had hired someone to do the marketing? He said he was planning on doing his own work, which made me smile. I thought he was kidding until I saw he was now irritated. I apologized as well as started walking out of his office, however he stopped me. He once again asked why I thought he was hiring an online marketing corporation. I tried to explain how difficult it would be for him to do online marketing when he was tied up with his Heating as well as A/C corporation. I had no training in online marketing and I couldn’t do it for him, and I didn’t know he had the time. This appeased him, however he wasn’t unquestionably convinced. I told him to look at his website like he was a customer as well as not the Heating as well as A/C corporation owner. An hour later, he came into the entryway as well as stated that his website was indecipherable. He didn’t guess why anyone would want to come to the Heating as well as A/C corporation, since they didn’t guess anything about it. I smiled as well as told him that was why he needed to hire an online marketing corporation. He asked if a marketing corporation would also redo his website, and I said yes. The people I was with and I sat down after dinner as well as started looking at the online marketing companies to see if there were any that specialized in Heating as well as A/C.