He told me the chair bit him.

My son is always jumping on the chairs, doing somersaults, or playing leapfrog back and forth between the chairs.

I told him that one of these days; the chair was going to bite him and he would be a hurting puppy.

I meant ‌he would fall off the chair, or it would tip over, or the chair could even break. I never thought he would take my statement about the chair biting him, literally. Last week, he took a running shot at the chair, and landed so hard he nearly went through the seat springs. I heard a yelp, and he stood up quickly. He told me the chair bit him. He showed me the pinprick on his leg, and I looked all over the chair. The only thing I could find was the way he landed on the chair. He had loosened one of the upholstery tacks and it picked him in the leg. He didn’t know if he wanted to cry or not, and I told him not to. I’d already warned him about the way he used my furniture for jungle gyms. That evening, I called the upholstery shop in our area. I told them how the tacks were coming out of the upholstery and my furniture and why I thought it was happening. I took the chair that had the most upholstery tacks missing, to the local upholstery shop. He had longer upholstery tacks, which he used to replace all the smaller upholstery tacks in the chair. He told me the larger upholstery tacks would help, but I was going to have to stop my son from jumping on the furniture the way he was, because they would not hold up under that abuse

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