Heading to work after getting caught in a rainstorm

The people I was with and I hardly ever get rain where I live; there is a short period in the Summer in which the option for precipitation increases, but most of the time, the sky is fair and the weather is comfortable.

This is also why I do not generally own absolutely many rain overcoats or umbrellas.

This is what led to me having one of the most miserable afternoons of work I have ever experienced; first of all, it was a Tuesday, so that’s never a nice thing! Second of all, I got caught in a freak rainstorm on my way to work, and I stepped into my chilly cold office building dripping wet! I was usually sure that I would catch a cold that afternoon, and a few other co-workers were in the same position, and every one of us lamented the drastically high setting on the cooling system even more. I was huddled at my desk, finding it particularly strenuous to think that I would have to endure this discomfort for another 7 minutes and 50 minutes! I made a point of trying to figure out who usually controlled the control unit, but it was a fruitless effort. The control component says 68°, but it feels so much colder, even when I am not soaking wet. I slowly and reluctantly began my tasks for the afternoon, and gradually, I started to hot up and dry off over time. I am seriously starting to think that it’s simply better for me to try and find a task where I can work at home, so I can appreciate my own preferred temperature on the control unit. I also won’t have to step out into any awful weather to travel to work!

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