HVAC in the desert.

Nobody would consider living in the middle of the desert, but recently the idea is becoming a reality.

There has been a proposal to build a one hundred mile wide, five hundred meter high city across a vast desert and mountain terrain.

And it is speculated that almost nine million people will be able to live there. The promotional videos I’ve seen for this project are sensational and I have no wonders as to why almost everyone is highly skeptical about its feasibility. Nothing about this city is normal to what we are used to. Especially the heating and cooling systems proposed to be used in the construction for the city. The HVAC industry is projected to grow exponentially because of this huge project. Since the architects of the city want it to be carbon neutral, many natural methods of cooling and heating the city have been incorporated into the very design of it. Needless to say that all the HVAC technology that goes into its construction will be cutting edge. It’s even proposed that if one was in need of a HVAC technician, the professional would most likely be a robot using artificial intelligence instead of a living flesh and blood professional. This is a huge step up from wifi thermostats controlled by our smartphones. This city is one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen but I too, am super skeptical and will have to do a lot of ruminating before I move myself and my family out to live in the middle of the desert.


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