I diagnosed the furnace on a bus

As you may know already, I purchased a bus & transformed it into a home.

  • I initially had only a solar powered window cooling system as my main Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit.

This window cooling system worked pretty well in the summer to keep the bus cool but I recently decided I wanted to build a central cooling system that would fit on my bus to keep my whole bus at a consistent temperature. I used this central cooling system to build my own sound-controlled Heating, Ventilation plus A/C & I was truly content with the results. Well I felt great in the summertime, the Winter was much more difficult. When Autumn came & I began to get truly chilly in my bus I realized I needed to build or purchase some kind of furnace. I did some more research & got some tips for a few Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service pros before deciding to build the furnace myself. My largest dilemma is that it would take myself and others a few weeks to build this furnace & I can’t Indore the code for that long. I drove to my nearby cooling & heating supplier & purchased a portable section gas furnace to put at the end in front of my bus to keep it warm. I ordered the needed heating & cooling component online & it came in the mail truly suddenly. The furnace came together rather nicely & by the time I was done I had built a huge electric furnace that relies on solar energy. I lived happily for numerous years in my bus & kept it cool with my old central cooling system & warm with my solar electric furnace.


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