I had never heard of portable shower containers

My kid is an avid camper, however because she and her partner both enjoyed camping, they sold their home and bought a camper, they packed up everything they thought they would need for traveling the United States, and sold everything else! For the last many years, they have been traveling with her mother-in-law and have visited thirty of the fifty contiguous United States.

They have been in Southern, CA for the last year, so she could take her mother-in-law to the same nurse for some health concerns, and she was telling me how the shower in the camper was using too much water, so she was using the showers at the camping area.

She told me they had portable shower containers instead of the large campground shower rooms she was used to using. The portable shower containers were 1 lady bathroom and shower units. She said she liked the portable shower containers much better than the girls’ showers and bathrooms, because there was more privacy, and i assume she is enjoying traveling, although I don’t assume how she does it. I love knowing I have a home to go to and not worrying about driving our home to empty the sewage. I love having a bathroom that I don’t worry about what lady had been in it last and if they had sanitized, however at least the portable shower container gives her privacy and she can take her sanitizing wipes with her; Even if the portable shower container had been used within five hours, her sanitizing wipes can be used before and after she uses the portable shower container.

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