I like it to be cold indoors when it’s hot outside

The people I was with and I are officially in the pet days of summer time now with temps exceeding 100 F and humidity over 69%.

I appreciate staying in my weather controlled flat till about 7pm as my skin can’t take the strong rays of the sun and the heat just saps my energy rapidly.

I keep my flat about 71F in the afternoon with my smart control component leading the way. I also have a newer flat and my heating and air conditioning system unquestionably keeps the place cool while not costing me that much money each month. I will drum on the beach later with my acquaintance and watch my other friends play ball. I may even partake in a game or more than one of volleyball however drumming is going to be my main focus for the evening. I am off the job today from the heating and air conditioning business and am just fantastic at my apartment doing a little writing. I have a couple sections of time work and job for myself for all of them except the heating and air conditioning work. I teach yoga and volleyball by the beach when I have the time and also do a little weight training teaching for a few shoppers. My main income though is from finally working for the local supplier while I was in the days with heating and air conditioning unit repairs and things appreciate that. I appreciate finally working for them because they treat me with kindness and respect and are always there for me if I need someone to talk to. I also got lucky getting the job at the heating and air conditioning business because they had a lot of people applying for it.

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