I was going to pour water on the fire until the HVAC technician came running in.

I had an HVAC technician outside working on my air conditioning unit.

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for my family.

I understand that when you have a grease fire, you should either smother it with the lid, or put it out with salt or baking soda. Why I started to put water on it, I can not tell you. All I know is the fire started. I was at the sink, and the HVAC technician came running into the house and told me to turn the water off. I turned the water off, put the glass back in the sink, and thanked him. The only thing I could think at the moment was that I had to put the fire out, and didn’t give any thought to the fact that it was a grease fire. He said he was just glad that he had looked up at the moment and saw the flames, and had to come running into the house. Had I thrown water onto that grease fire, my house probably would’ve burned down. Water spreads grease fires and it would’ve jumped onto the curtains and probably started a fire throughout several parts of my kitchen. Not only did the HVAC technician save my air conditioning unit that day, but he also saved my house from burning down. I asked him what made him look in the window, and he said he thought he saw a glimpse of a flame. He didn’t see me standing inside, and he left the air conditioning unit to keep my house from burning down, and to keep me from getting burned, or worse. I’ll never be able to thank that HVAC tech enough.

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