I was worried for the dogs in the car

I was recently sitting in my partner’s car in the grocery store parking lot! I did not like going inside and he only needed a few things, so I decided to rest in the car with a/c and music.

  • I looked over at the car next to me and noticed that there were two dogs, one was sitting in the front seat and one was sitting in the back seat of the car.

The windows were closed and my heart instantly dropped because it was an absolutely hot and humid day. I looked a little bit harder and saw that the keys to the car were in the ignition, which means that the owner of the cats most likely left the a/c on for them. I thought to myself that if the owner did not come back in a few minutes, I would call my partner and see if he thinks I should take action or let it go, before I could do that, I saw two people walking towards the car, one seemed to be the owner and one seemed to be a random guy. The two individuals started yelling at each other. The stranger started saying to the owner that they are inhumane for leaving dogs in a hot car. The owner yelled back that the a/c was on in the car the whole time. This fight about a/c went on and on for a few minutes, and then the owner tapped on my car window and asked if I could defend the fact that his keys were in the ignition the whole time. I told the stranger that I saw the keys in the ignition which means the a/c was most likely on.


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