It is like a sauna at the bus stop

When you live in the city, things are constantly changing.

When I was a kid I had a special disdain for taking public transport.

It was either too cold or too warm to just sit there waiting on an overcrowded bus or metro. Especially in the summertime because anybody who lives in the town knows that people get a little busier than usual in the heat. Nobody wants to have to sit and wait next to someone else who is flipping out, knowing you’re both going to get in the same automobile or getaway car. But as I’ve gotten older I noticed more benches to sit on, more awnings to sit under, and more recently even some stops have an outdoor heating or cooling system. Some of the cooler a/c stations spray a light mist of water over the stop, and that’s so refreshing. The other day I was waiting for an Uber at the airport and they too, had incorporated these heating and cooling apparatuses just under the awnings to keep people comfortable.It’s little things enjoy that, that keep our faith in society alive. The heaters I’ve seen also usually have an easily cool orange or red light emanating from them. Now, if they could just keep the cooling systems on the subway toiling that would be great. Far too often I get stuck in a metro automobile that feels like a tin can slowly rolling through the sauna. And if the air conditioning isn’t toiling then the air filtration isn’t on which means not only is the subway automobile uncomfortable but it’s easily also actually stinky.


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