It’s important to clean the air filters frequently

The air filter is the first line of defense for the HVAC unit.

An air filter traps harmful particles, dirt, and dust and keeps it from entering your HVAC unit.

If the dirt and debris reaches the HVAC system, it can cause damage. Particles of dirt and dust cause problems with the motor and all of the belts. It can also lead to a dirty and dingy indoor atmosphere. In the homes where the air filters are not changed frequently, you will find a lot more dust and dirt all over the place. I know how important it can be to care for your home heating and cooling system, so I regularly have a performance tune up and I change the air filter every 2 weeks. It’s probably not necessary to change the air filter every 2 weeks, but my family has cats and one of my sons developed an allergy to the cats. When we change the air filter every two weeks, his allergy symptoms are much less volatile and severe. The doctor told us that this would help a great deal and keep us from having to buy an expensive air cleaning machine. As long as we can keep the air clean using our HVAC unit, then we won’t have to purchase an expensive air filtration machine. I’ve looked into the cost of a whole home air filtration machine and it can cost as much as a brand new car. That is not the type of machine that we can purchase without a pretty significant loan from the bank.


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