Keeping my air ducts clean at all times

Have you ever had dirty air ducts? I have! If you have had dirty air ducts then you know just how damaging to your heating and cooking system this can be.

What I did when I had dirty air ducts was to schedule an appointment with my nearby heat and a/c provider.

I suspected they needed a good cleaning when I saw dirt coming from the air vent. When the heating and AC guy showed up, it only further confirmed my suspicions about the air ducts being dirty. He told me that I would need a ductwork cleaning, once I got the ductwork cleaning my indoor air quality would not only improve but there would be no more visible dirt coming out of the air ducts. I watched as he quickly got to work cleaning out the HVAC system. Time must have gone by fast because it felt like it had only been five minutes but it had actually been a half an hour. I had been reading a book and dozed off on the couch like a tired old man! It was a bit embarrassing when the cooling specialist came over and tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that my HVAC system had been successfully serviced and my ductwork cleaned. I startled awake and then he said goodbye and left the house. I tried out the a/c by turning it on with the thermostat and the air conditioner came to life instantly. The cooling guy did a wonderful job. I know that if I need someone to come out again it will be him.

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