My best pal just had his life ruined

My best pal is going through a divorce right now plus the guy is genuinely getting put through the ringer. His ex-spouse is attempting to get everything from their marriage, because he cheated. Lisa has every right to be upset. Joe was a total plus absolute jerk for deciding to cheat. He should have just ended the relationship before he started seeing some other lady. I was genuinely disappointed with my friends for being completely unfaithful plus dishonest. His spouse found out that he was having an affair, because my pal left his wallet at the hotel. The hotel was able to locate a contractor card for the same guy whose identification card was inside of the wallet. The hotel concierge desk contacted that cellphone number plus left a voice message. Regrettably, the telephone number was not the same number that my pal used at the hotel because he was there with someone other than his spouse! When she heard the telephone message, she knew that Joe was cheating. She filed for divorce a couple of mornings later. Joe had to transport out of his dwelling instantly. He moved in with my spouse plus I plus he has been residing here for the past three weeks! We honestly save money on gas, because we are able to ride together to the Heating plus A/C appliance contractor where we work. The Heating plus A/C store is only a few miles away from our dwelling, so maybe Joe will be able to find a place close to family plus work. I cannot have the guy residing with me forever. He adjusts the temperature control component at will plus he never puts the toilet seat down.