My favorite restaurant has the worst A/C

There is a hole in the wall taco restaurant in my area that I absolutely love.

You can get the freshest, most authentic tacos there.

The tortillas are handmade, the guacamole is made table side, and they have birria tacos which are not always easy to find. There are only a few tables inside and you can see the kitchen directly from where you’re sitting. Because it is such a small place and the kitchen is wide open, it gets super hot in there. This definitely would not be as bad if the restaurant kept their thermostat on a low temperature, but the last time I saw the reading of the digital thermostat it said 77 degrees. I know that restaurants need to cut costs where they can, but this can make it really uncomfortable when I am trying to enjoy tacos but I am also sweating. I usually come to this hole in the wall restaurant in the winter, because they open the door and let the cool air in. They do not need to run the air conditioning because the winters are nice and mild. However, in the summer it is too hot and humid to sit and have a pleasant meal. I have tried to do takeout, but tacos tend to get soggy when you don’t eat them right away. Many customers have written reviews for the restaurant about the indoor temperature issue, but for some the heat is worth the amazing food. I am pregnant and lately I have been craving their tacos. What I do now is place my order and sit in my air conditioned car and enjoy my tacos.
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