My HVAC system was making a hissing sound

I heard a strange sound coming from the attic.

It sounded like a hissing noise.

It didn’t exactly sound like a snake, the hissing sound reminded me of a slithering reptile. I heard a strange sound coming from the attic for a couple of days, and on Tuesday when I was off work, I decided to fully inspect the attic to see if I could find the problem. I got out a flashlight and I carefully lifted myself into the attic space. I had to maneuver around all of the Christmas and Halloween decorations! When the heating plus air conditioning system started running, it startled me for a minute. It was really honestly loud in the attic. A few minutes after the heating plus air conditioning system started, I began to hear the same hissing noise. I carefully listened to the noise plus followed the sound. I heard that sound coming from the HVAC duct. I noticed two pieces of metal seemed to have a small gap, there should have been a piece of tape on the two pieces of metal to connect them, they were flapping around. I realized this was the reason for the hissing sound. I grabbed some duct tape from the garage and I carefully added tape to the edge of the sheet metal to seal up the section that was loose. As soon as I put the tape over the hole, the whistling sound immediately stopped. I don’t want to brag about our skills, however I’m pretty sure that I saved myself a few hundred dollars by doing the job myself instead of calling a professional.

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