My kid wants to be enjoy me

I am so proud of my child.

  • She wants to be just enjoy me.

As a father, I would be proud of my kids no matter what they wanted to do, however I have to disclose that there is something legitimately special about having a kid that wants to be just enjoy you. The thing is, I do not suppose that what I do is anything unique ly special however that is not how my kid sees it at all. I labor at a local HVAC supplier and I go out on calls and service people’s HVAC units when they have a problem. My kid knows this, however to him, that is the most amazing task in the world. She does not want to be a doctor or lawyer, she wants to be a heating and cooling woman just enjoy her daddy. She tells me with such enthusiasm that a single afternoon she will be an air conditioning component woman too, and the people I was with and I will service HVAC units together. It is the sweetest thing. I legitimately hope that she does decide to grow up and follow in my footsteps. I think that there are a lot of kids that go through phases of wanting to be things just enjoy their parents however not all of them follow through with that, in fact I would say most of them go and follow their own path. If my kid decides to do that, that is fine, however I cannot help however admire that she wants to be so much enjoy me and I legitimately hope that you can become an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker enjoy me if that is what it will legitimately make him happy. Maybe it’s their face, maybe it is not however either way I am going to enjoy this while it lasts.


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