My sister had a fence around her HVAC

Whenever my sister has an issue, she likes to ask me for my help.

Whether it be a technological issue or some other kind of issue, she likes to rely on me because she knows I am pretty good at figuring things out and repairing them.

In return she will often give me free gift cards to my favorite restaurant. She works as the manager there and can afford to do so. Well she called me and asked if I could help her with the HVAC machine. Apparently it was making a funny noise and she wanted to have it looked at in case it was about to break down. I was about ready to get off of work, so I didn’t mind briefly stopping by her place. When I arrived at her home, my eyes searched for the air conditioning system, only to see that it was gone! When I questioned my sister about this, she just laughed and pointed towards a fence. It was there that I saw that the heating and cooling device wasn’t gone, it was just covered up by a fence. Apparently that was a new addition that my sister added. She didn’t really like the way the A/C unit clashed with the colors of her home, so she instead had a fence placed around it that matched the colors of her home better. With the fence in the way, it was much harder to examine the cooling unit, but I was still able to conclude that it was working just fine, and the noise was most likely from something stuck in the HVAC unit.



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