Nobody would explain the truth of what happened

When my wifey as well as I got married, neither of us expected to have 8 children.

I honestly wanted a huge family, even though I was thinking of 5 kids.

Our third pregnancy turned out to be a set of triplets as well as the next pregnancy was the same! Every one of us ended up with a lot of kids that were nearly the same age… When the kids were considerably younger, it was a great deal of work to take care of them as well as make sure they were all cheerful, safe, as well as fed. My parents helped a good deal when the little ones were younger, and all of the kids are teenagers now, as well as they can take care of themselves for a couple of hours every so often. My wifey as well as I went to the shopping center for groceries as well as we had dinner while we were out too. Every one of us went to a nice Italian diner with the most enjoyable pizza as well as breadsticks. When my wifey as well as I came back to our household from the diner, we found some damage in the house. The thermostat in the hallway was severely disfigured. It had been crushed as well as broken into several pieces. It looked like the thermostat had been hit with a baseball or something else that was equally damaging. I asked all of the kids how the thermostat became broken, but none of them would tell me what was going on. Each of the kids had a version of the story, but none of the kids would genuinely admit to actually breaking the thermostat. I still don’t really know exactly how the component was broken.