None of the youngsters would admit to breaking the thermostat

When my wifey and I ended up getting married, neither one of us expected to have more than seven children.

I certainly wished to have a sizable family, even though I was thinking of 4 or 5 teenagers.

We had triplets two times in a row. We certainly ended up with a lot of youngsters in our home that were nearly the same age. When the teenagers were younger, it was a great deal of work to take care of them and make sure they were all thrilled, safe, and fed. My mother and my mother-in-law helped a pretty good amount when the teenagers were younger, and all of the teenagers are much older now. They can take care of themselves for the most part. My wifey and I went to the shopping center for groceries and both of us had an enjoyable dinner while both of us were out too. We chose to head out to a nice Italian pizzeria with great pizza and breadsticks. When my wifey and I came back to our place from the pizzeria, both of us found some major issues in the house. The thermostat in the hallway was truly disfigured. It had been smashed into pieces. It really seemed that the thermostat had been hit with a baseball or something else that was just as brutal. I asked all of the teenagers how the thermostat became broken, but nobody would explain the truth. Each one of the teenagers had a version of the story, but none of the teenagers would easily admit to breaking the thermostat themselves. I still don’t actually know how the equipment was broken in such a way.

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