Our house was never warm inside

I don’t know what it is any more, but it seems like our home is just never warm anymore.

When my husband and I first bought this house, it was very warm and toasty, the heating unit did a great job of warming the place.

But over time, it seems that the furnace isn’t warming the house very much anymore. However, I have tested the furnace multiple times and it always seems to work well. I had a HVAC specialist come out and he confirmed the same thing, the issue wasn’t with the heating unit, it was with something else. After more investigation, the heating and cooling worker told me there were small holes in the ductwork that were causing the treated air to be lost outside. This was somewhat annoying to hear, because this meant the entire time I was losing money to the outside. I obviously immediately wanted to have it repaired, and since the holes were small, the cost of repairing the ductwork wasn’t that much. Which is good, because I know sometimes HVAC repair bills can be quite costly. The air conditioning technician spent a while fixing all of the holes, and when he was done, it didn’t take long before I noticed a difference. Slowly, the warmth was returning back into our home, and it was feeling just like it did when we first bought it. I am so glad to have a warm and toasty house again, I was so tired of it feeling cold all of the time.


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