Proper humidity levels is an important part of climate control

Climate control isn’t just about keeping the temperature at an ideal level of comfort.

  • Humidity levels also play a large part in comfort.

After all, there is a difference between being comfortably warm with the proper level of moisture in the air and warm with excessively dry air. Conversely, there is a difference between being comfortably cool with an appropriate level of moisture in the air, versus being cool, but feeling like the air is too wet. Nobody likes a damp, cold feeling and heat that dries the skin is irritating. Even worse, air quality will also greatly suffer if you do not have the proper humidity levels in your home. Excessive humidity breeds mold and mildew, for one, so you’ll be breathing that terrible stuff in unless you get it addressed. Also, if your home is largely made of wooden materials, you might find that certain parts will begin to rot. Thankfully, there are devices out there available for purchase that can regulate humidity levels within your home. Some HVAC systems are naturally better at this than others, but you can always buy either a dehumidifier or humidifier to install alongside of your central HVAC system to combat excessive moisture levels or introduce appropriate moisture levels. This will prevent that nasty, damp cold feeling and irritated, dried skin depending on what ails you. You may also find yourself sneezing less, and generally having a better time with your allergy symptoms, because the irritants present in the air will be greatly lessened by having proper humidity levels in your home.

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