Ready to get out of the air conditioning and into fresh air

I have had the worst common cold of my life for the last six days.

I am pregnant and I did not realize that when you get sick with something simple like a common cold during pregnancy, it is way worse.

This is because the body is protecting the fetus so the immune system of the pregnant woman becomes lower. I have done all of the remedies that are safe to do to try to feel better. I have slept with a mini humidifier next to my bed every night. I have been taking the humidifier with me when I lay on the couch. I have been taking the only approved medications that I can take, drinking lots of water, drinking hot fluids, and resting. It seems that the cold just keeps lingering. I woke up today feeling better than I have, but still not completely like myself. I truly am over being stuck inside the air conditioning. I am very grateful to have air conditioning because I know I would be way more sick if I did not have A/C in my house. However, it is too hot and humid where I live to open the windows and let fresh air in. I truly miss breathing in fresh air and I am at the point where I think it would actually help my congestion. The air conditioning has helped me stay cool during my mild fevers and has made it more comfortable to drink hot liquids and eat hot soup. However, I am ready to feel fresh air and get out of the air conditioning for a while.
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