Selecting the right heating system for different types of pools.

I love swimming so much, I put away money every week for three years just so I could afford building an in-ground swimming pool in my backyard. I didn’t want one of those small recreational pools either, I wanted a pool deep enough for a diving board and wide enough to get some real exercise in. Who knew there were so many different types of pools one could have out there, from fiberglass, vinyl, concrete and gunite, all the way to the more simple styled plungers. Then there’s freshwater, saltwater or mineral water systems to take into consideration which all have their own pros and cons to them. I even went down a rabbit hole about different types of heating systems for pools, because I’m not the biggest fan of cold water. There is no shortage of so-called HVAC professionals who want to service my heating system and most of them don’t specialize in the pool HVAC system itself which is such a pain. So many HVAC technicians know a little about a variety of things but it’s typically difficult to find a HVAC professional or local business that deals specifically with pools. I had to search through dozens of blogs before I found my local service provider who knew exactly what they were doing. I haven’t regretted getting a pool for a second, but finding reliable homeowner solutions is no walk in the park. I guess I’m lucky because I can at least sit in my heated jacuzzi while I browse through local service providers. I’m also happy to say that I’ve upgraded even further by fully automating my pool’s heating system with a smart thermostat.


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