Spoiling my pets with comfortable temperatures when I’m at work

Furry friends can provide a lot of therapy. I had better clarify that I’m talking about pets. I am very thankful for my two dogs and my cat, as they provide company and stress relief after a long day at work. I don’t consider myself to be the kind of person that obsesses over them, but there are few ways that I utterly spoil them because I love them so much. For example, we’re not for my pets. I would be the only person living in my home, save for the occasional guest. This means that if I really wanted to, I could save money on energy bills by setting the thermostat to a more energy-efficient level when I’m not at home to enjoy the temperature anyway. However we experienced pretty extreme temperatures where I live. As a result, I just can’t justify leaving my pets in uncomfortable conditions. I only adjust the thermostat slightly, because I noticed that in the winter, the three of them will curl up together on the couch if I set the temperature too low. For a while, I figured that I could get away with setting the temperature higher in the summer. Then, I noticed that their water bowls had been drained by the time I got home from work, which was not happening before. As a result, I have decided to allow my pets to enjoy the comforts of climate control when I am not present. It’s the least I can do to reward them for all the love and affection that they give me!

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